Best Nike Basketball Shoes (Reviewed 2019)

Best Nike Basketball Shoes (Reviewed 2019)

Today we are going to list the best Nike basketball shoes. When you play basketball then you need a good pair of sneakers to score a goal it involves lots of movements and sudden breaks on the court. To make this possible we need good traction, cushioning, material, support etc. in our shoes so that we can give our best in the game. A good basketball shoe also has a good design, mesh, and quality of used material to be declared as the best basketball shoes. Nike is the brand which produces the best quality basketball shoes, therefore, they are still able to rule in this industry for decades.  According to me the real king of sneakers are Nike and many of you also agree with me.

There are some important features which forced me to say that Nike is the real king of basketball shoes. Let’s see them what they are actually.

Great fit: Nike shoes always fit perfectly in your foot. You will always notice that all versions of a specific model fit similarly in your foot and give similar protection and support. For example, if the previous version of the Kobe model fits you nicely then there will be a great chance that new version will also fit properly. There is no any need to go sneakers store and try them again.

Amazing Tech: Nike always tries to bring some innovation in their shoes which no other brands can compete. For example, the entry of Zoom Air cushioning revolutionized the basketball shoes in 1995 and still even after 20 years it is most responsive cushioning in the market.

Every Type of Player: Nike released so many basketball shoes in the past that works perfectly for every kind of player. For big and heavy players, for quick guards, for wide and narrow feet, for outdoor and indoor. Every type of basketball shoes available in the Nike, you just need a good selection that’s it.

Your Favourite Player: Many good basketball players have signed signature deal with Nike. If you are one of them who is the biggest fan of Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George or Kobe Bryant then you should definitely go with Nike.

The reasons to buy Nike basketball sneakers is not limited to that only I have just explained the fact that Nike is the real king of basketball shoes. As I already said Nike has released many shoes in past and there are many upcoming shoes is on the way. To make your selection process easier I am writing this article where I will tell you some of the best Nike basketball shoes available in the market in 2018. Look at this comparison table for a quick view of best products.

Nike Kobe AD NXT 360Lunarlon & REACT11.08 oz Check Price
Nike Men's PG 2Zoom Air13.03 oz Check Price
Nike Kyrie 4 MensZoom Air13.06 oz Check Price
Nike Men's Lebron 15Zoom Air & Max Air16.1 oz Check Price
Nike Men's Zoom KD 10Full-Length Zoom Air12.06 oz Check Price
Nike Air Jordan 32Zoom Air16 oz Check Price

Best Nike Basketball Shoes 2019:

1) Nike Kobe AD NXT 360:

This shoe Kobe AD NXT 360 features a 360-degree Flyknit technology for its upper. It is purely Flyknit, means you will find nothing except Flyknit. The upper part is divided into six different panels, each of them has its own pattern and different Flyknit density. It enables the shoe to bend like a snowball and to provide stretching where it lacks. The cushioning contains Lunarlon and REACT for a perfectly balanced and guard-oriented cushion setup. Everything you will get with the cushioning which always a basketball player wants in their shoes like comfort, impact protection, responsiveness and court feel – that’s some next level stuff. The traction features translucent nubby like pattern which performs well on clean courts. If the weather is good outside then will be fine outdoor also. On dirty courts, wiping is required but it will be very minimal. The support of the shoes mainly comes from the drop-in midsole, without it the support is nowhere to be found. Inside the midsole, you will see a transparent shank plate for lateral stability as well as an external heel counter which does its job incredibly.

  • Very lightweight
  • Cushioning is extremely comfortable
  • The 360-degree Flyknit feels amazing
  • Traction is good
  • Traction attracts some dust
  • Expensive but worth the quality

2) Nike Men’s PG 2:

This version is much better than previous PG 1 in all aspects. It looks simple but the performance is actually amazing which surprised me. It features mesh material with suede upper which is very comfortable. The suede material is distributed in the toe and heel back which help them to protect our fingers. It also enhances the overall support and stability of shoes which feels good. Another reason behind its comfortability is its large area of mesh fabrics. The breathability of its mesh fabric is also good so you are good to go in hot and moist weather also. The bigger Zoom Air unit in the forefoot area gives a more responsive ride with greater reaction speed. The traction is multidirectional and works well under pressure, the grooves are widely spaced so clogging will rarely occur. The rubber used here is very soft and pliable which is great for indoor use. You can also use them outdoor but you’ll need to wipe the outsoles from time to time. Since this a low, the support mainly comes from the fit and the internal heel counter.

  • Cushioning is good
  • Worth its price
  • Traction works well
  • Much improved from the previous version
  • Outsole is soft and may fray easily

3) Nike Kyrie 4 Mens:

Now comes Nike Kyrie 4 which is extremely amazing when it comes to cushioning it is far better than previous models and more comfortable. It provides great impact protection while still offering the same responsive court feel. Nike Kyrie 4 features multidirectional herringbone-like traction pattern. The traction is decent on clean floors and is serviceable on dusty floors but I didn’t find traction so good as compared to old Kyrie models. The look is good and the material used in this shoe does not crease easily many buyers appreciate about that. There is no change in how they fit if you have tried the old models then it is also going to work well but initially you will feel tight in the mid-foot section so don’t worry just give few hours to break in and you’ll good to go. One more important thing to note that the rubber is slightly soft and pliable so definitely it is not for outdoor. After wearing the shoe you can actually feel the wrapping is excellent compared to old Kyrie models. The design of the shoe is such that it can protect you from serious injuries and the wrapping brings a sense of force.

  • Softer cushioning
  • Great traction on clean floors
  • Support and stability is good
  • Durability is good
  • Less traction than previous Kyrie models
  • Traction not so good on dusty floors

4) Nike Men’s Lebron 15:

I found it best than previous models from Lebron series. It works great on all type of surfaces including dusty floors although wiping is still required which is same for the all the basketball shoes out there. This is the first time Nike uses Zoom Air and Max Air cushioning together in their midsole which delivers a ton of responsiveness and comfort to your feet. The outsole is composed of tiny rubber triangles these triangles provides you great traction when moving forward or backward and you have the full ability to stop on a dime. Nike used a material called Battelknit which is very similar to Flyknit but more durable and stronger. This shoe does not need much breaking time because of its premium, stretchy and lightweight materials. There is no complaint about the breathability of the shoes because the material, Battleknit used in this shoes is very much breathable. It has a three-dimensional design which looks great and comes in a variety of colors and style.

  • Extremely comfortable cushioning
  • Premium materials are used
  • Available in many styles and colors
  • Stability suffers because high cushioning is used

5) Nike Men’s Zoom KD 10:

There is huge improvement can be seen in KD 10 than KD 9 – wider silhouette, improved cushioning setup and premium with pure Flyknit from toe to heel. It features full-length Zoom Air cushioning which is super responsive. You don’t feel the bounce right away like KD 9, you will have to wait for the break in time then after you may actually feel the bounce. If you see from the functional standpoint, you may observe it offers the same impact protection as KD 9 did which is good. Traction is something looks like a spiral multidirectional pattern which is amazing and plays well on clean courts – no slippage problem, great move coverage and good grip. I wouldn’t recommend it for outdoor use because the rubber compound is super weak and probably will last for a month if used outdoor. It gives you the basic support you need on the court and they got the job done according to me. The main support comes from the fit if you find the right size it will help you in lockdown and overall containment. The heel paddling works great and you will not face any problem related to heel slipping and movement. Its lacing system also works great and help your foot glued to the midfoot.

  • Full length zoom
  • Flyknit upper
  • Very comfortable
  • Improved in many ways
  • Not very durable traction
  • Lacks lateral support

6) Nike Air Jordan 32:

Many players were disappointed with the previous versions of Nike Air Jordan 30 and 31 due to bad traction but this version came as a game changer and it actually grips the court very well. Dusty courts may create some problem but not that much if proper wiping is done. The Zoom Air cushioning is present in the heel and forefoot areas with the torsional FlightSpeed plate that smoothens out step transitions, gives amazing stability and activates Zoom units properly for maximum energy return. The material in the upper feels very luxurious probably the best Flyknit than previous models. This shoe fits great after the break-in period. It is very much comfortable, soft feel from the inside and has a proper lockdown. The heel unit is larger and bottom-loaded which is responsible for its great impact protection. But at the same time lacks responsiveness and bounce but after the break-in time, you will feel it a bit more.

  • Premium materials
  • Cushioning is great
  • Traction is good
  • Excellent stability
  • Slippery on dusty courts
  • Takes some real break in time


So this post was primarily focused on the best Nike basketball shoes. I have only listed those shoes which I think will perform well for you as per my experience and other basketball shoe experts. I have read all the reviews before publishing this post so that you don’t get a bad pair of sneakers. If you have tried the older version of any shoe which I mentioned in this post and you are confused about fitting issue then don’t worry mostly Nike shoes with the same model fit similarly in the foot. If you think this post helped you in any way then please don’t forget to share.

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