Best Low Top Basketball Shoes (Reviewed 2019)

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes (Reviewed 2019)

If you are a basketball player then you must have heard some great features of low top basketball shoes. These features make the low top a unique and different type of shoe. In this post, we are going to review some best low top basketball shoes. If you are a low-profile guard then you must definitely go for low tops. See there are many advantages and disadvantages of low top basketball shoes let’s see what are those.

First of all, I would like to tell you the major difference between low tops and high tops because many people don’t know them. One of the major difference is ankle support, in low tops ankle support is less compared to high tops. Low tops are more flexible, responsive, light and loose. Low tops make sure there is minimal restriction when moving around the court. This property makes them suitable for guards. On the other hand, if we talk about high tops they are more focused for a big guy that means you will get more support, containment, restrictions and softer cushioning with greater impact protection.

There are some points which you need to keep in mind while going to purchase low top basketball shoes let’s see what are those.

  • Size:  It is one of the most important factors when you are choosing basketball shoes. Always check the size chart before buying because it may differ from one brand to another. You should also have your foot measured by professional to make sure you choose only the right size.
  • Arch Support: If you have flat feet or high arches then you must consider those shoes which provide optimal support. If you don’t get the right amount of arch support then it may cause injury or pain in your feet.
  • Cushioning: It doesn’t matter whether the shoe fit properly or how lightweight it is, if it isn’t comfortable you will not love to wear them. Therefore always go with comfortable cushioning which boost your speed and jump.
  • Breathable Upper Material: The breathability of the shoe is required to make it comfortable and odor free. Therefore while choosing low top basketball shoes always look for a model which has breathable upper. It will make you feel cooler and comfortable even after a long match.
  • Light Weight: The lightweight shoes are known for providing comfortability and more speed on the court.  It will also keep you away from getting fatigued. Those shoes which have mesh and breathable uppers are usually lightweight.

I think we have learned some basic tips which we need to consider while purchasing the best low top basketball shoes. I have also told you the importance of low top basketball shoes and its amazing features which you can’t get in mid or high top basketball shoes. Now let’s see the best low top basketball shoes and it’s feature with pros and cons. Before proceeding further look at this comparison table for a quick view of best low top basketball shoes.

Nike Men's Zoom KD 10Full-Length Zoom Air12.06 oz Check Price
Nike Men's Lebron 15 LowZoom Air & Max Air14.07 oz Check Price
Under Armour Men's Drive 4EVA & MicroG11.99 oz Check Price
Adidas Men's Dame 4BOUNCE12.69 oz Check Price
Nike Kyrie 4 MensZoom Air13.06 oz Check Price
Nike Kobe AD NXT 360Lunarlon & REACT11.08 oz Check Price

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2019:

1) Nike Men’s Zoom KD 10:

This shoe features pure Flyknit upper which is combined with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which makes you feel more comfortable. Suede straps are added along the heel and ankle area for a premium finish and extra support. It has full-length ZOOM Air cushioning but this time it has been modified to provide a different feel. Nike has adjusted PSI within ZOOM AIR units, therefore, it takes some break-in time. After break-in period, you can actually feel good responsiveness, amazing impact protection, and bouncy ride. The traction of the shoes has a spiral style multidirectional pattern which works great on clean courts means no slippage problem and great move coverage. But on dirty courts it does not perform that much good and works inconsistently means sometimes it grips well and sometimes doesn’t grip at all. But if you give extra care like frequent wiping then it may perform nicely on dirty courts as well. For the fit, If you have wide feet then go with true size but if you have narrow feet then I would recommend you to go down half a size.

  • Full-length zoom cushioning
  • Flyknit upper combined with TPU
  • Comfortable and proper fit
  • Works amazing on clean courts
  • Lack lateral support
  • Lack strong containment
  • Traction is not very durable

2) Nike Men’s Lebron 15 Low:

It has a three-dimensional design which looks very eye-catching and comes in a variety of colors. The material used in this shoes is Battleknit which is very much similar to Flyknit but more durable and stronger. There is no complaint about the breathability of the shoes because the material Battleknit is very much breathable. The outsole is made from a translucent rubber compound which is very attractive in terms of appearance. It has multi-directional raised triangles tread like pattern.  The design is also such that to reduce slippage while on indoor courts. This time Nike combines Zoom Air and Max Air cushioning in the midsole which delivers a ton of responsiveness and comfort to your feet. Zoom Air unit is placed at the forefoot area which compresses to transfer energy and then snaps back into its place. Air Max is located in the heel section which provides bulk of shock absorption capability to your shoes. This shoe doesn’t need much breaking time because premium, stretchy and lightweight materials are used.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Premium materials are used
  • Traction works great for indoor courts
  • Expensive price tag
  • Stability suffers because high cushioning is used

3) Under Armour Men’s Drive 4:

The cushioning setup consists EVA as the midsole and a MicroG unit in the heel section to provide a comfortable ride. The cushioning setup is versatile with great impact protection in the heel, plenty of court feel in the forefoot area and a good amount of softness throughout the whole sole.  It also features 3D shank wrap and lightweight mesh upper with TPU coating. It has a rubber outsole that features full-length herringbone traction pattern which grips well on the court and you have good control over it. You can also use this shoes for outdoor courts because the outsole nicely copes with dust and you don’t need frequent wiping. They fit true to size and the good news is that it is wide footer friendly and provides good support. Overall this shoe is perfect for every type of player and outperforms its budget pricing.

  • Traction is great
  • Outdoor friendly
  • Very durable
  • Solid support
  • Bulky feel and needs more flexibility
  • Cushioning is very firm

4) Adidas Men’s Dame 4:

The mesh upper continues to rock. The upper feels much-improved and softer than Dame 3. The traction is great, especially on clean courts but it takes some real time to break in completely. The cushioning of Dame 4 is optimized for lighter guards which provide great court feel while still offering a great amount of impact protection. The fit is very much snug and gives you amazing lockdown and support. The wildly looking traction is fit for any type of court and situation. If the weather is clean outside then outdoor surface will not create any problem. I think dust shouldn’t be a problem because outsole has really widely spaced grip but small gaps between each thread may collect some dust therefore frequent wiping is required. Bounce is pretty good enough, overall I would say it is a great shoe which performs well in every category – traction, bouncy cushion, support that makes you forget you’re wearing it. It works great for most of the players and different foot shapes, especially for a wide foot.

  • Solid cushion setup
  • Great traction on every step
  • Great fit for any foot
  • Great court feel
  • Traction takes some time to break in

5) Nike Kyrie 4 Mens:

Now here comes our another low top pick Nike Kyrie 4 which is extremely amazing when it comes to cushioning. It is far better than previous models and more comfortable. It provides great impact protection while still offering the same responsive court feel. Nike Kyrie 4 features multidirectional herringbone-like traction pattern. The traction is decent on clean floors and is serviceable on dusty floors but I didn’t find traction so good as compared to old Kyrie models. The look is good and the material used in this shoe does not crease easily many buyers appreciate about that. There is no change in how they fit if you have tried the old models then it is also going to work well but initially you will feel tight in the mid-foot section so don’t worry just give few hours to break in and you’ll good to go. One more important thing to note that the rubber is slightly soft and pliable so definitely it is not for outdoor. After wearing the shoe you can actually feel the wrapping is excellent compared to old Kyrie models. The design of the shoe is such that it can protect you from serious injuries and the wrapping brings a sense of force.

  • Softer cushioning
  • Great traction on clean floors
  • Support and stability is good
  • Durability is good
  • Less traction than previous Kyrie models
  • Traction is not so good on dusty floors

6) Nike Kobe AD NXT 360:

This shoe turned out to be an evolution in basketball shoes it features new 360-degree Flyknit technology for the upper. It is pure Flyknit upper means there is no backing materials, no caging, no overlays which allow it to bend like a snowball. The Flyknit because of its nature is very thin, lightweight, breathable and completely transparent you will actually feel like a second skin. If you play in extremely terrible court conditions, then I will not recommend you this shoes but if you play in ordinary court where most of us play then you may get this shoes it will work fine after the traction breaks in. Dust is something which may create some problem but normal wiping will work fine for this shoes and it is very minimal. The drop-in midsole features Lunarlon foam along outer edge which is mainly responsible for its structure and support. Without drop-in midsole, you will not get support but once midsole is in place you will get amazing support. React foam is used at the center of the midsole it is very much soft and springy. Despite its low-top design and flexible Flyknit technology, it provides great support and fantastic lockdown to your feet.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cushioning is very much comfortable
  • The 360-degree Flyknit feels amazing
  • Traction is good
  • Traction is something like dust magnet
  • Expensive shoes but worth the quality.


This was all about best low top basketball shoes. I have considered only those shoes which I personally think that you are surely going to love them. If you wanted some features like flexibility, lightweight, attractive and softer cushioning in your shoes then low tops are made for you. Don’t think twice and just go with any shoes mentioned in this article. I have written this article only after spending hours on extensive research for low tops basketball shoes. So that you don’t get any bad pair of sneakers.

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