Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 (Reviewed 2019)

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 (Reviewed 2019)

So friends today in this post we are going to see the best basketball shoes under $100 in 2019. It was not easy for me to learn about all the different types of basketball shoes coming under $100 and to compare them deeply so that quality doesn’t compromise due to the low price. I will also give you a quick review of all those cheap basketball shoes so that you don’t need to exit our site just to check their reviews and performance. This post is going to be helpful for you if you have less budget but at the same time, you want great features in your shoes not only features but also a great performance on the court.

Low budget always creates a problem when we are going to buy something premium and demanding product from a store. Shoes are must need for every sportsperson if you lack good shoe then definitely your performance always lack some great moves and we end up having negative thoughts and quitting the game. Many people think that cheap means worst but guys it is not applicable to everything. If you are talking about basketball shoes then let me tell you there are many kinds of shoes coming under $100 providing you everything which you need on a basketball court. If your selection is good then your sneakers will last for years. You will see many basketball shoes ranging from $50-$100 and have good reviews from buyers it is not surprising because a company wants more sells, therefore, using new innovation, design, technology, and compound they are able to produce such cheap good basketball shoes at low price. But below $50 it may compromise the quality of your shoes, therefore, you have to maintain a moderate budget. Look at the comparison table for a quick view of best products.

Adidas Men's D Rose 7Full Length Boost17.8 oz Check Price
Nike Kyrie 3 MensZoom Air14.5 oz Check Price
Jordan Men's B FlyZoom Air & Phylon11.36 oz Check Price
Men's Crazy Explosive PrimeknitBoost13.89 oz Check Price
Under Armour Men's Curry 3Charged13.01 oz Check Price
Adidas Men's Dame 4Bounce12.69 oz Check Price

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100:

1) Adidas Men’s D Rose 7:

One of the best basketball shoes which come under 100$. Its traction pattern is different from D Rose 6 which has standard Herringbone pattern whereas in this shoe traction appearance is something like a mix between Herringbone and a wave-like pattern. The traction feels great no matter what the condition is, the traction did its job preventing slippages during a sudden break or change in motion. Different colors are having different material used and the two material known currently is Mesh and the PrimeKnit option. If you want a shoe having simplicity then you should go with Mesh whereas if you want a shoe having more wild looks, then PrimeKnit would be a better option. The fit for both materials are identical they fit true to size. One main difference between them is, even though you will get better support with PrimeKnit but there are slight chances of material stretching which may affect the fit in long run. The support of the shoes is great which mainly comes from overall fit and lockdown. In short, the padding, the materials, the lacing system all play a great role to ensure that shoe moves with your feet and do not cause any type of injury. The shoe is very much stable even though Full-Length Boost is being used. Boost’s problem is that during compression little instability might be felt.

  • Feels light when worn
  • Shoe breaks in quickly and nicely
  • Perform well on both outdoor and indoor
  • Good amount of ankle support
  • Feels heavy on hand
  • Too much padding

2) Nike Kyrie 3 Mens:

A great shoe with great traction in reasonable cheap price. It has a herringbone pattern along with two multi-directional pods. The advantage of this pods is they let you make aggressive moves without losing traction or court feel. The feeling on court is extremely amazing it grips the floor very well, no slippage at all. But one thing is obvious that you will have to wipe the soles from time to time so that traction is maintained. The support mainly comes from the internal heel counter which keeps your feet in place and some support also comes from an internal shank at the midfoot despite the support is extraordinary. I am not impressed by its cushioning we have a small Zoom Air unit at the heel that’s it but it is better than previous Kyrie 2 model. One thing I would like to say, if you want amazing court feel and cushion isn’t the main priority then no other shoes can replace Kyrie 3 just go for it. Overall this shoe is a good performer it has great traction, solid support, stability and very firm cushioning.

  • Court feel is great
  • Traction is amazing
  • Support is good
  • Material well implemented
  • Little cushioning
  • Stiff toe box

3) Jordan Men’s B Fly:

It features Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot and Phylon midsole. It offers great performance such as decent impact protection, amazing court feel and nice responsiveness. You will always feel Air unit but it doesn’t offer you some crazy bounce or amazing impact protection but still, responsiveness is good which you always need in the forefoot. Phylon which is used in the midsole is very soft and squishy and doesn’t feel like regular Phylon midsole. Now let’s talk about its traction which looks very unusual with raised bumps all over the outsole. On the clean court, it performed well for me there was no slippage problem and good stopping power. But on dusty courts, the experience was different for me because the traction pattern is extremely dense so dust will create some problem therefore frequent wiping is required. This shoe also has a great support such as an asymmetrical lacing system, internal heel counter, dynamic fit system and wide base. Overall I would say Jordan B Fly is surprisingly a great performer at a budget price. If you want lower cushion setups, soft and amazing uppers and mostly play indoors then don’t think twice just go for it.

  • Fit and comfort is awesome
  • Premium upper in budget
  • Solid cushion setup
  • Support is good
  • Not recommended for outdoors
  • Too narrow for wide feet

4) Men’s Crazy Explosive Primeknit:

It is one of the best cheap basketball shoes which makes you feel amazing during the game. You get almost everything with this shoe which is needed on the basketball court. The traction has something coral-like pattern which is just next level and still one of the traction in the market today. The stopping power of traction is amazing you can also make quick cuts without having fear of slippage or falling down. The outsole is made from translucent rubber which will make you feel more grippy. I have tried it on a clean court it worked well but if the court is very dirty then you will first have to wipe the court. BOOST cushioning makes you feel more comfortable and gives you extra bounce. Majority of the people claimed that this shoe has great ankle support which is another plus point about the shoes. Its upper section is constructed using Adidas Pimeknit technology, a Geofit bootie right below the Primeknit upper, and an exceptional anatomical lacing system. The Primeknit is very soft and stretchy. The Geofit bootie also feel soft and wraps easily around your feet. After wearing it you will find there is no empty space in the shoe. Overall fit is amazing, according to my experience and other buyers review.

  • High quality construction
  • Great responsive cushioning system
  • Amazing traction
  • Lightweight
  • Wider feet might have the fitting issues
  • Some buyers found it little stiff and hard to put on

5) Under Armour Men’s Curry 3:

The upper is covered with Threadborne complementing it with AnaFoam which is a great combination in terms of comfort, flexibility and nice fit without losing support. In this shoe, we have Charged cushioning and Ortholite insole, this type of cushioning changes with the motion for example if you are just standing it feels very cushy and soft on the other hand if you are running or jumping, the cushioning gets firmer and becomes more responsive. The Ortholite midsole provides little more comfort and impact protection. If we talk about support there are Carbon Fibre Wings which provide lateral support, heel counter for heel support, internal Carbon Fibre Shank for torsional support. Overall support is nearly perfect but you will have to get the right size. Traction is much better than previous models it features a Herringbone traction pattern which grips the floor very well. You can also use these sneakers for outdoor as the rubber compound used is very tough and not pliable. Overall this shoe is definitely a good upgrade than previous Curry models and shows how Under Armour improving their sneakers to their best.

  • Traction is amazing
  • Materials are good
  • Fits perfectly
  • Excellent court feel
  • Firm cushioning
  • Break-in time

6) Adidas Men’s Dame 4:

It is a very affordable shoe that provides you top-notch experience which is just amazing and you never regret the price you are giving. Many buyers already claimed that Adidas Dame 4 gives you total support and fit which always needed on the court. The entire ankle collar is neoprene which is very comfortable. Initially, it was difficult to put on but after a practice and some stretching, it becomes easy and fast. The cushioning is optimized for lighter guards and gives you amazing court feel while still offering a good amount of impact protection. Traction pattern is something wildly looking and if the weather is good outside then outdoor surfaces shouldn’t be a problem as well.  One thing I noticed that it takes a little break in time after that it is just fantastic shoe especially on clean courts. The Dame 4 is a much more advanced version of Dame 3 you can actually feel that after wearing the shoes. The fit of the shoes is also good there is no heel slip, no lace pressure, no dead space and no side to side movement.

  • Affordable price
  • Amazing court feel
  • Traction performance is good
  • Durable and holds its shape
  • Traction needs break in time


In my opinion, these are the best basketball shoes under $100. I listed these shoes after comparing features and prices of different basketball shoes of popular sneakers brands. If you have a limited budget then go with any of the shoes listed in this article. There are many shoes available which may cost you as low as $50 but they lack many features which are extremely needed on the court, therefore, keep your budget around $100 then select any of the shoes from this article. The price of the sneaker may fluctuate with time, therefore, I didn’t mention their actual price but they all lie around $100. You can easily check their current price on Amazon, the link is already provided.

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