Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards (Reviewed 2019)

Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards (Reviewed 2019)

As you all know point guard is very important position when you are on the basketball court. Point guards control all the teammates and opponent players in the game. There are so many things related to point guard position, therefore, you need some specific type of sneaker which provides flexibility, comfort and balance in the ankles. Point guards also need durability and reliability in their shoes. Because point guards have to move a lot around the entire court and such features are mandatory for point guards in their shoes. To make the selection process easier we prepared a list of best basketball shoes for point guards.

Point guards have so many responsibilities when they are on the court. They have to make lots of movement to pass the ball to their teammates and trust me guys it is not easy at all. For passing the ball to their teammates they perform dribbling, quick cuts, running etc. and it makes a lot of wear and tear in their shoes. That is the reason they should not go with the pair of shoes which is vulnerable to damage. Overall a point guard needs a pair of specially designed shoes as they have some crucial responsibilities of their team. During the game, if something wrong happens to their shoes it may impact the whole team result badly.

Now I am going to review some best basketball shoes for point guards. This post will surely help you if you are in need of basketball shoes for point guards. I have prepared the list with their review and at the end, we will also discuss what things to consider when we are going to purchase best basketball shoes for point guards.

adidas Crazylight BOOST 2018full-length BOOST12.3 oz Check Price
Under Armour Curry 4Not Known11.07 oz Check Price
Adidas Men's Harden Vol 3BOOST14.70 oz Check Price
Nike Men's Lebron Soldier 12ZOOM Air14.49 oz Check Price
Nike Men's Kyrie 5ZOOM Air Turbo16.5 oz Check Price
Air Jordan 32Zoom Air16 oz Check Price

Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards:

1) adidas Crazylight BOOST 2018:

It took adidas about two years to continue its CrazyLight BOOST family. Now finally we have adidas Crazylight BOOST 2018 which is extremely well on the court even on dusty or outdoor courts. The CrazyLight 2018 uses full-length BOOST cushioning, the forefoot’s external side is heavily coated with semi-translucent rubber to prevent excessive BOOST deformation. The BOOST on the internal side is widely opened to absorb all the force you put in. The traction of Crazylight 2018 is killer on both indoor and outdoor courts, you can actually feel that stopping power is quick and harsh. You can do hard cuts, lateral movement without getting worried about slipping or falling on the court. The traction pattern is multi-directional and perfectly placed, not too narrow or too wide – solid, thick and durable. Yes, you will definitely see some wider grooves are present which acts as exit channels for the dust to keep the bottom clean. For the fit go half down a size as they run slightly long, for the wide footers stay true to size.

  • Traction is just amazing
  • Works well on both indoor & outdoor
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Stopping power is quick
  • Stability is not great for heavy heel-strikers

2) Under Armour Curry 4:

The Curry 4 features booty knit upper with a synthetic overlay. So if you are a point guard and looking for a shoe that is very responsive and allows you to change direction without lag then the Curry 4 model is perfect for you. The cushioning system of Curry 4 is unknown yet, but it is very minimal and provide an abundance of court feel. When I used the term minimal, you already got an idea that the impact protection is not that superior but it is far good that Under Armour can offer and sufficient for a guard. If you have suffered from impact-related injuries in past then I would definitely recommend you to put additional insole. The traction pattern of Curry 4 is not herringbone anymore like past Curry models – it has multi-directional circular traction pattern which you can call spiral. The rubber is very tacky and grips the floor well enough. Dust issue can be unnoticed as there’s no need to put extra wipe. Just wipe them whenever you think it’s right time to do. The fit is just amazing just go whatever your true size is, as the knitted sleeve will adapt to your foot shape in very quick time.

  • Fit is amazing
  • Excellent for guards
  • Outstanding containment
  • Traction is good
  • Cushioning is very minimal

3) Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 3:

The BOOST cushioning is just amazing – low to the ground, comfortable, responsive and contains a solid amount of impact protection to make it a full package. For cushioning I would definitely say the best implementation of BOOST in a basketball shoe. Materials of Harden Vol 3 feels premium and comfortable and support is also improved than previous Harden models, it shows Adidas really worked hard upon it. Harden Vol 3 features herringbone traction pattern which is best on a Harden yet, it is very tacky when cleaned but some wiping is required on dusty floors. For the fit, I would advise going with true to size I hope you will not face any fitting issue. Stability of the shoe is also good and it mainly comes from the fit and internal heel counter. Overall I would say Harden 3 did a great job, you can actually feel the improvement in all areas and one of the best basketball shoes for point guards.

  • Cushioning is what you needed on the court
  • Stability is good
  • More flexible than previous models
  • Traction is great
  • Break-in time required to minimize heel slip

4) Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 12:

Nike again chose to stick with the two Zoom Air units in the heel section and forefoot area. These, along with the foam padding in the bottom of the shoe offers a great responsive ride which makes it a perfect shoe for guards and lighter players in general. Sufficient court feel can be experienced at the forefoot whereas the heel more targeted to provide a good amount of impact protection. Traction of the shoe is just mind-blowing and one of the strong reasons to go with Lebron Soldier 12. It doesn’t matter on what kind of surface you are, the shoe got you covered in a very decent way. Dust is something that is always a matter of concern but this shoe doesn’t attract dust easily, also it will not stick within the grooves. It can also be used for outdoor courts as its grooves are widely spaced and have channels on both sides for the dust to escape. The rubber used in this shoe is very soft which is essential for grippy traction. For the fit, it is recommended to go with true to size but for the wide footers out there, may have to go up half a size. Overall, I would say Lebron Soldier 12 beats out many shoes either in the same price range or the same season.

  • Comfortable enough
  • Sticky traction
  • Good support in all areas
  • Fit is good
  • Straps come undone easily so pull those straps tight to get it locked in.

5) Nike Men’s Kyrie 5:

Nike Kyrie 5 features Zoom Air Turbo cushioning which is very similar to old Zoom Air, they just heat welded old Zoom Air and make it segmented. The purpose of doing segmentation is to help Air unit to flex and move with your foot simultaneously which makes it more comfortable and responsive than before. The midsole is phylon which is softer than Kyrie 1-3 but not more than Cushlon which was used in Kyrie 4 model. The cushioning is for guards who want a firmer blended court feel but not for those players who want more impact protection in their shoes. Traction is solid on clean floors but some wiping is required on dusty floors but not constantly needed like other shoes out there. The fit of the shoe is awesome just stick with true to size for regular footers, go half a size up if have a wide foot. The support of the shoe is solid and much supportive than any other past Kyrie models.

  • Fit is excellent
  • Firmer blended cushioning
  • Traction is solid
  • Best for guards
  • Traction takes time to break in properly

6) Air Jordan 32:

You can actually see the improvement in Air Jordan 32 after many players disappointed from its previous version Air Jordan 31. I actually loved its traction and the Flyknit as the material. There is no heavy glue usage, no TPU strands or yarn just thick Flyknit which moves great with your feet as you change your position and is very comfortable. It has full-length ZOOM Air setup which is segmented into two sections in the heel and forefoot area. You can easily feel springiness of the ZOOM units when pushing off the landing and that energy return is very nice. Air Jordan 32 features an altered herringbone traction pattern that grips the court very well. On the dirty court you need some wiping but on clean courts, you’ll have no issues. The rubber durability is also good and does its job very well and gives the traction an extra boost.

  • Flyknit easily adapt the movement of the feet
  • Great support and stability in all the areas
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Premium materials
  • Breathability suffers due to lots of Flyknit layers

Buying Guide For Point Guards:

If you have no experience of buying best basketball shoes for point guards then don’t worry we are here to help you. As I mentioned earlier that point guard is a very important position in the basketball game. Point guards have to run a lot, therefore, you must need some essential features in your shoes. Now I am going to tell you what things you should consider when you are going to purchase best basketball shoes for point guards.

Style: It is one of the very important points which you should keep in your mind when you are choosing basketball shoes for point guards. Different types of basketball shoes are made for different types of players and also according to their playing style. There are many types of basketball shoes in the market which is not suitable for point guards. To make your work easy we have listed only those shoes in this article which is suitable for point guards. It will definitely match your style if you are one of the point guards.

Traction: You can’t ignore the traction of shoes if you wanted it for a point guard. Traction is a very essential feature of basketball shoes especially for point guards because they have to make a quick start or stop without taking extra time. All the action and their reaction should be instant on the court. For this purpose traction should be more durable and have nice gripping power. It should not create any slippage problem at all. Overall I would say it should allow you to play on various surfaces without an issue. Don’t forget to check the rubber outsole, softness and pattern as well.

Size: As you all know when we grow up our body also grow in its shape and size. It is not necessary that your feet size still be same as you have one year before. The fitting issue may make you uncomfortable when you are on the court. Therefore get your feet size measured from by a professional and then go to buy any shoes. You should be sure about your feet size so that it will not create any fitting issue.

Cushioning: The mid-sole of a shoe is usually made from polyurethane, EVA or compressed EVA or the combination of some materials. The EVA is lightweight cushioning but on the other hand, it is not much durable and stable. It can be somewhat durable by compressing it. But polyurethane is more durable and stable but it adds weight to the shoe. The right cushioning of basketball shoes may feel as if you are walking on clouds. The cushioning should not be too much or too little for point guards.

Price and Budget: You should consider your budget with the shoe price. If you are getting everything in your shoes which you required on the court as a point guard then you may go with the shoe but at the same, it should come under your budget. I think the price doesn’t matter much when you are getting something that works well on the court. Here you will have to consider the set of features like grip and traction, cushioning, style, model look, durability, and stability etc.

Final Words:

So guys this post was all about best basketball shoes for point guards. I think I’ve listed all those shoes which is going to perform well for point guards. Point guard is very important position in a basketball game so your choice should be good only then you can perform well for your team. These shoes have all the features which is essential for a point guard on the court, that’s why I personally recommend you to choose anyone of them. If you love this article then don’t forget to share on your social media account with your friends.

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