How to Be Good at Basketball (Useful Tips)

How to Be Good at Basketball (Useful Tips)

If you wanted to be good at basketball then it is not an overnight process. Everyone knows that a pro basketball player never born with pro skills they also did their best to achieve such amazing skills.  Becoming a good basketball player takes lots of time, efforts and practice then only after that you can feel skills are developing inside you. So today in this post we will learn how to be good at basketball. I will give you some tips about playing the basketball game which will definitely help you on the basketball court.

How to be good at basketball:

Get a good pair of sneakers:

Generally, we don’t pay much attention to our sneakers but it is something which we need to focus on and get a good pair of sneakers. As we all know basketball game involves lots of jumping and running movement on the court which makes you vulnerable to injuries. To minimize the chances of injuries we need a pair of sneakers having good support and cushioning. The high tops provide more support for ankles but it feels heavier than low tops. You can go with low tops if you prefer flexibility over ankle support. Mid tops can be a choice if you want a good amount of support and flexibility in your shoes. Now decide which pair suit your needs depending on your position and the level of competition you will be playing at. I will recommend you to see this post if you want a good pair of sneaker best basketball shoes.

Warm up before the match:

Warming up needs to be done before the match as it is an efficient way to enhance your gaming ability. Basketball involves lots of movements on the court so a sufficient warm up required to be good at basketball. Warming up also reduces the chance of injuries while playing on the court. A good warm up increase your heart rate which keeps you active on the court for a long duration of time.

The correct way of dribbling:

Dribbling should be fast and the ball must under your control. The easiest way to control basketball when you are driblling is to use forearm and fingertips to put energy into the ball and then push it towards the floor. Dribbling should be done with knees bent, a straight back and head up. It is not recommended to dribble too hard that you lost your control over it. It is advisable to gently bounce the ball on the floor and stay in control rather than bouncing too hard.

Dribble with both hand:

Don’t just dribble with one hand because your other hand is weak at driblling. I mean to say that your both hand should be good at dribbling not just one. First, try to practice with your weak hand until you can actually handle the ball as effectively as you handle it with your other hand. While dribbling the ball always practice with your head up not down so that you can see what is happening around you and what your next step should be. Dribbling should be as fast as you can but at the same time keeping the control of the ball.

Shooting ability:

To improve your shooting ability you should practice daily from a variety of positions. It is also important to learn what your basketball shooting range is. If you want to master your shooting skill it is always better to be able to shoot from short range and then gradually increase the shooting range over time.  Always remember to hold follow through to maintain your technique. Your wrist should be very relaxed and your fingers need to pointed at where you shot the ball. Make sure that you hold your position until the ball hits the rim.

Jumping skill:

For a basketball player jumping high is very important. For a basketball player higher jumping is essential for collecting rebounds, blocking shots and shooting. Those players whose vertical jump is good they perform great in the whole game not only when jumping is required. Vertical jump works as a tool which not only improves your jumping but at the same time increases the explosive strength of your body. Therefore it is necessary to focus on your vertical jump training. Getting a high vertical jump is not an overnight process you have to work hard and long for that. To get a better result it is important to train your vertical jump four to five times a week.

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